Education as a business my personal experience

In my earlier blogs I mentioned about the school which told me to teach freely. The school is situated 12 kilometers away from my house, going to school and coming back was costly affair as I need to teach students on free basis. The school is of private management and having the reputation of charging highest fees from the students in the town. The in-charge of the school told me that he is giving me an opportunity to show my teaching skills and to teach free of cost at his school. I told him about the offer which I got to teach biology to second PUC students. I don’t know what he felt. He started to tell, young generation of today’s world is not having ethics and they run behind only making money. Finally he started to blame me, as is teaching to students as a business, with no intension of teaching and all. I kept quite and was listening to what he was telling. After that I told him that I will be conducting free CET coaching to the poor government college students, again he started to blame young generation as they don’t think about future and asked me not to do free teaching (even forgetting he is asking me to teach for him free!) as he is planning to start coaching in the near future charging heavy fees. I kept quite listening to his words.

He told about how he started his school from scratch to impart values, ethics to students and developed it and school has very good name. I couldn’t keep myself shutting my mouth, I asked him directly, how many scholarships you are giving to your students? How many poor children are studying in your institution? He answered that he is running a private institution and it will be very difficult to provide scholarships. The next question I asked is then why you charge huge amount as fees for students while applying for admissions? You have started school to impart ethics, values and similar stuff to students? He was shocked and answered he is making school as one of the best school in the town instead of answering to what I asked.

He also added his school is not after making money and all he is investing on school itself whatever money he is getting form it. I asked again, if you have started school with such an intension why don’t you run the school taking nominal fees? He started to convince me and told me to compromise with him so that I can join him to run his coaching center which is going to open. His plan was to pay me some amount as salary and take huge money from students as fees. My patience was out. I thought of telling him that he I running behind money and making education as business and also felt to ask whether that is ethics? Thinking he is elder to me and it is my duty to give him respect I didn’t tell it.

I told him clearly that I will teach for government college students free of cost for CET exams, the town has given me education till 10th standard, what I am today is only because of education I received here. I will give it back to society. After speaking this much, I walked out wishing him bye and till reaching home was thinking what is ethics, who is making money and whether am doing right? My inner self told me am not making business out of education and just finding out a way to live.


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