People writing books on earning money earns more than the people following such books

Earning money is necessary to fulfill one’s basic needs. Money not only gives strength to take independent decisions but also relaxes us. Many theories, ways and techniques are developed to earn money. Countless number of books was also published on the matter making money. None of the books gave any relevant information about people who became rich reading such books. Every regional language has books related to money, money making, money investment, growing money etc., even a few titles are very difficult to remember also. But these kinds of books are sold in market like ‘hot cake’.

Money making is an art and the money earned in the illegal means will never last for long. People who got money in jackpots, lottery and prize will find it difficult to lead their life once the money is spent. Along with earning money, growing money is also important. Even people telling money is nothing, will also hang on some means for leading life. When money is important for at least our necessities, it is not wrong to earn it in a legal way. A guy who collects post – stamp will enjoy doing it and gets happiness. Similarly money – making is also a joy for few people and they don’t get tired in earning money. These people are not making money by reading any best seller of markets, they have found their own ways. No such book exist which will tell how money can be earned, it is an art and no ideal path exist. Even it can be a work of creativity or utilizing the necessity into profit. Till the human beings exist on this earth, necessity will also be present and simultaneously the necessity creates opportunity. Intelligence of converting opportunity into profit is the key principle in making or earning money. Finding such opportunity is the easy way for making money and it can be anything which is difficult to imagine until someone makes a profit out of a new kind of an opportunity.

Money making books will tell how money can be earned but it fails to give instances of people who are making money using the ideas of book. On the other hand few books will give information on people how they earned money chasing a passion which is also not useful as thinking of every individual is different. No books can make anyone rich, one should find his own legal way. Books which are brought by us will land up somewhere in midst of books making the line ‘writing books on earning money earns more than people following such books’ a truth.


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