Social Networking as a Medium of Expression

Internet has changed lives of people in many folds. Social Networking is a powerful tool which is helping people on internet to mingle with people and also people love to spend hours together on the social networking sites. Social networking is a gift of Web 2.0 allowing people to have their own profile on internet. These profiles are not only being used to interact with people but also have become medium of expression. Suppose a person wants to share some information, he can easily do it using social networking sites. All the celebrities have social networking profiles updating regularly through which they are trying to keep their popularity on internet world. Many celebrities have their profiles on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, media such as news paper and television are giving news based on the twitter and facebook updates of celebrities, seems to be a better way rather than contacting the person itself.

People are spending more time on social networking sites for various reasons, playing games, mingle with people, watch updates on celebrities, creating their own brand pages, advertising and a few are using it for illegal activities. (You may remember one of the regional language actress arrested recently was using social networking for hi – tech prostitution!) Whatever may be the cause social networking is becoming part and parcel of life. In colleges before making friendships, folks look into each other’s social networking profiles prior to proceeding further with friendship. A recruiter in his recent interview was speaking about how they look into a person’s resume and analyze it even considering his social networking profile.

Social networking sites have become similar to online diary, everyone loves to update their status daily to express themselves. Change is inevitable but at the same time precautions should be taken to avoid cyber stalkers who can misuse the information you updated on your profiles.


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