Cloud Computing a new path for IT companies

Cloud computing has become the voice of the IT companies now whether the company is small or big all are calculating the benefits available by adopting it. Small enterprises or development companies are looking for the companies which provide cloud services and the big enterprises are thinking and analyzing the various ways to provide better services from their cloud. The small enterprises going for cloud computing not only saves their cost on investment but also they pay for whatever they need. Cloud computing services offer some standard services which can be broadly classified as Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) Going for cloud computing reduces the cost on investment for purchasing new software and higher end hardware configurations, just by using the internet and browser the small companies can access the resource on cloud whenever they require paying whatever they used.

Cloud is a group of resource which can be accessed by any process for utilizing the resource, at a time many processes can request for cloud and the cloud manages them at a time. The process can be an internet browser through which the resource on cloud is requested and used. The results of computation or the services will be stored in the data centers situated in the various parts of the world. No body knows where exactly your data gets stored. But it can be accessed from anywhere by using an internet connection which has made cloud computing a powerful tool. Now the main concern is the security of data on cloud or data center.

Data centers will be placed in the geographical areas convenient to the companies providing cloud services. The data centers may be present in any country and it poses a question what is the guarantee that the data will be safe once it is in other country. Security has also gained much importance as what is the guarantee that the data doesn't fall into the wrong hands which poses a threat to the existence of a company itself. If the data centers in the other countries are affected by natural calamities that time there is danger that entire critical data which is in that particular data center will be lost. No claims can be made as the company will be present in the different country governing the laws of country in which data center is present. Even auditing the records on cloud also creates problem as there are no sophisticated tools which can be used to audit the reports on data stored in data centers. These are some of the issues which are creating hindrances for the small enterprises to move for cloud computing. Not only these in a developing country like India the internet connection is havoc and in some places the services won’t be resumed even after many hours which creates a hurdle for companies in improving business.


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