Using Indian Rupee symbol

Indian currency has also got an unique symbol. Indian Government has officially declared the symbol also. May be in another few years the Rupee Symbol will be used in place commonly used Rs or Rupees. The symbol was selected based on an All India Competition and five members jury committee finalized the design of Mr. Uday Kumar. The symbol is said to have origin Devanagari script and deceived from the letter ‘Ra’

Now, the issue is using Rupee symbol in computer. Many companies have come forward to produce to manufacture key boards having Rupee symbol in further productions, yet to see the new symbol on key board. Even there is alternative for using Rupee symbol without having that symbol on key board.

Download the Rupee font file from any of the links available on internet or it can be downloaded from the link Indian Rupee

Save the file and copy the downloaded file into Fonts. Go to control panel and paste the downloaded file in the Fonts folder.

Rupee symbol is ready to use, open the word pad and select the font ‘Rupee Foradian’ or Rupee. Changing the font, if you press the button which is present on left side of number 1 and having symbol ‘ ~ ’ you will get the Rupee Symbol that is ‘ ` Even you can type letters and numbers also by using the font ‘Rupee Foradian’


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