In the World of Medicines

Pharmacy stores have gained lot of popularity in a few years, which is a direct indication of people depending on medicines almost parallel to food. Medicines are to be taken only when human system fails to show resistance against some infection caused by foreign particles. The medicines we take boost our immune system to kill the foreign particles. But now the medicines are taking permanent place in our regular food diet. This was not the case just a decade before, how medicines gained so much importance and has become as common as food? Something is working around us making us to believe we get health by taking regular medicine.

When a foreign substance or particle enters into human body normally human body shows response against it and kills the foreign substance entering our body (killing here refers to destroying.) In the process body temperature will rise a bit and comes to normal after a certain time but taking medicines or tablets which are readily available for reducing body temperature will definitely affect. The tablet will reduce body temperature more than required acting against the immune system of our body. In long run medicine will definitely affect working of kidney as taking medicine increases solute concentration in the Nephrons objecting the normal function. It is just an example.

Similar to increase in body temperature other commonly seen infection is common cold. There is no effective medicine for common cold but still there are many tablets available in market with a label it will heal the cold. Many institutions with huge research funding stated worldwide to discover medicine for common cold was shut down without any encouraging results. Only thing which these research institutes concluded is Indian Spices are effective for reducing the virulence of virus causing common cold.

Avoid taking medicine without being prescribed by your family doctor. Always have a good kind hearted person as your family doctor than having doctor without a kind heart. Visit your family doctor even you have a little variation in your health. He can guide you what suits you best. Always avoid medicines and also doctors who acts as agents of pharmaceutical companies.

“Be healthy by having a family doctor with a kind heart.”


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