Unchalli Falls

Unchalli falls is one among the magnificent waterfalls of Karnataka. It is also being called as Lushington falls as this falls was reported to the outer world by a British officer. An added advantage of visiting this water fall is, it is well connected through good roads and very little of walking (about half a kilometer) is enough to reach the view point. When I visited this falls almost ten years back as part of school trip, we walked around 3 kilometers on mud roads to reach the view point but now roads are made till the gate of water falls.

way to Unchalli falls 

A little of ups and downs while walking and few steps will take you to the first view point from where one can witness the half portion of water of Agnashini river falling with roaring sound among the greenery. It is also called as Keppa Joga because of the sound of water falling from a height of 116 meters. 

view from first view point

Second view point is few more steps down from the first one and there is no proper way to go beyond this view point. One can go through the rough route jumping on steep and slipping rocks but that is of high risk as there is no grip or anything to hold for support. It is better to view the water falls from this point than going beyond.

view from second view point

Unchalli falls can be reached wither from Sirsi or from Kumta. It takes much time coming from Kumta as one needs to come through Devimane Ghat, full of curves. I wonder about the never ending road repair work on this ghat whenever I travel by this route.

view of valley

From Sirsi, unchalli falls can be reached very easily as it is just 30 kilometers drive from Sirsi. During Monsoon many people come to visit this falls to witness the magnificent waterfalls and it will be drizzling while nearing the waterfalls which will give you a feel that you are in completely other World.


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