Yaana - the beautiful rock formations

Yaana, the very name brings the picture of two tall huge rock formations. The rock formations not only make it as a tourist spot, it is even housing Bhairaveshwara temple. Honey bees hive is also an attraction at this place. Also, it is believed to be sacred to visit Gokarna and Yaana on the day of Shivaratri.

Bhairaveshwara Shikara

Mohini Shikara

Legend says that a daemon did penance and blessed with boon from Lord Shiva by which if daemon keeps hand on anyone, they will burn into ashes. After getting boon, daemon was called Bhasmasura as whatever he touched will turn into ashes (bhasma) Getting boon from Lord Shiva Bhasmasura likes to test about his powers and tries to keep his hand on Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva will run away from Kailash to hide from Bhasmasura.

Closed look of Bhairaveshwara Shikara

Meanwhile, Vishnu dresses himself as Mohini, a beautiful damsel attracting Bhasmasura. Bhasmasura expresses his wish to marry Mohini. Mohini puts a condition that Bhasmasura should dance similar to Mohini. While dancing Mohini keeps her hand on her head, bhasmasura follows it and eventually burns into ashes because of the boon he got from Lord Shiva. It is the reason being the soil of Yaana being black and such type of soil is not found in the vicinity of Yaana. By that day, Lord Shiva in the form of Bhairaveshwara and Vishnu in Mohini form situated there in the form of rocks and the honey bee hives will be on to the hills till Lord Shiva leaves this place.

Bhairaveshwara Temple

The two large rock formations are named as Bhairaveshwara Shikara and Mohini Shikara. Bhairaveshwara  Shikara is the larger and taller one and below that there exists the temple of Bhairaveshwara. It is amazing to see the water dripping from rock on Bhairaveshwara.

sharp edges

inside rock formations

top of shikara

sharp edges

from inside of cave

One can go around Bhairaveshwara Shikara and marvel at the rock formations. Foot wears are not allowed around the Shikara and one can see the bats hanging to the top of rocks. Also, be aware of Leeches during Monsoons.
inside cave

For any information related to performing Pooja or anything can contact temple office on 08386295846

Yaana can be reached either from Kumta, Gokarna or Sirsi.

route sketch of Yaana, Vibhuthi falls and Unchalli falls

From Kumta: On Kumta – Sirsi road, one can take left turn while going towards Sirsi and it is 17 kms from Kumta. One can see the prominent display board showing direction to Yaana. It takes around two or two and half hours of trek to reach temple if you visit Yaana by this route. Vehicles will not go beyond the check post. There is direct bus from Kumta to Yaana one in morning and the other in evening. No need of climbing Devimane Ghat if you are planning only to visit Yaana. You can enjoy the road side waterfalls and also the greenery while trekking through this route.

From Sirsi: On Sirsi – Kumta road, take right turn near Manjuguni Venkataramana Swami temple arch. Again take right turn in front of temple to reach Yaana crossing couple of villages. No need to cross Devimane Ghat if you take this route to reach Yaana. Yaana is around 58 kms from Sirsi if you take this route.

From Gokarna: If you are at Gokarna and like to visit Yaana, take Hillur or Mogata route just coming out of Gokarna cross. A few curves are there on the way as it is Vaddi ghat but it saves lot of time than going towards Kumta and taking turn towards Sirsi route. On the way to Yaana you can also visit Vibhuti falls and can proceed to Unchalli falls visiting Yaana.

Food is a problem at Yaana as it doesn’t have any hotels, only snacks and kokam juice is available in the vicinity of temple. Considering the large number of devotees visiting this place, toilets are being constructed but accommodation is not available. Also, public transport is not available.

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  1. Nice information about Yaana..Both rock formations as well as the cave seems adventurous.