Sanskruti Township, Hyderabad

Am living in Sanskruti Township (also called Singapore Township) from last couple of months and I can confidently tell that this is the only area in Hyderabad I have come across which is free from pollution and especially vehicle traffic. There are may be many areas like this but am only aware of this place, situated nearly ten kilometers from Uppal on the way to Warrangal. Apart from large residential apartments, adjacent to township there is an unit of Infosys, a reputed software company brand which millions of students aspire to work for. Also, there is news that a few companies will also have plans set up their office here as it is declared as SEZ by the government. 

Most of the apartments in the township are vacant as many are being purchased as an investment than any idea of staying over here. Guys and girls from different states and far away places have taken these apartments on shared rent basis. Few paying guest accommodation is also available. Apartments will be built with two bed room, three bed room and duplex styles. Furnished homes are also available for rent. Two or three children parks are added attraction.

Township has two departmental stores and one vegetable shop (closed from last few days!) charging more than MRP price. Also, it has a medical center and a barber shop. Evening chat center, juice center and small bakery are the only bit relaxation for junk food lovers.

No good hotel is there inside township. Even though a paratha house is there, it is quite famous for its high price than its food taste, same is the case with one more. Recently, fresh vegetable bazaar has been started inside the township and the crowd is quite high. Near by, good hotel is the Bawarchi present in the first floor in front of township entrance. Even though taste is good there, cleanness is not maintained. Also, the curry point in township caters to the saliva of many who wish to just take curries and roti.

Township also has ‘Sri Vidya Nikethan International School' owned by one of the celebrity Tollywood actor. There are many direct buses to the township operating from Secunderabad except one on time. Only bus comes on times is in the morning 08:40. 

I love this place as it is having dust free and pollution free atmosphere.

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