At the dawn of Year 2011

Year 2011 is coming to an end and countdown has started for the New Year 2012. Many argue that for Indians new year is on the eve of Yugadi not on January 1st. But I feel there is no wrong in changing calendar and celebrating it as everything in our day to day life is run based on Gregorian calendar. I certainly oppose the celebration of new year with the late night parties with no sense on themselves or what is going on around. Anyway, one more year has come and we need to welcome it whole heartedly with new hopes.

Personally the year 2011 was an eventful year setting me to a goal even though it started with some kind of uncertainty. I had to leave Goa in search of better opportunities as I mentioned about the happenings at Goa in the earlier blogs and was at home for few months, looking for anything good to happen. Meanwhile I started teaching in the home town for +2 students, the response was good by the students. Along with teaching experience I also learnt how the tuition co-ordinators can make money out of their cheap tricks even being ready to damage the reputation of teachers. Also, it was the first time I earned few bucks on my own and the satisfaction was that I could bear my expenses of applying for entrance exams and going for places for writing entrance exams. I appeared for the PG entrance of both Tamil Nadu (held at Vellore) and Andhra Pradesh (held at Thirupati). It was also the first time I visited those two southern states.

Registering for the post graduate degree was my dream and it was too fulfilled in 2011 itself, along with the teaching job fetching me decent salary just enough to bear my expenses and course fees. Also, was happy to receive the good feedback from the students for successfully completing the course Database Management Systems. I thought that the teaching was easy. But teaching has tremendous pressure, learning continuously, completing the things on time and most importantly handling nearly hundred teen age guys who are especially rebellious because of their age!

I must thank one of my professors of Mathematics even though I was not his class room student referring me to the current job and for the PG program. Thanks to all my previous teachers for guiding me and my current and past students for enriching me with your interactions with me.

I especially thank the year 2011 for being very kind to me!


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