How a Head of the Department can make money illegally

Being in teaching from past few months am able to find the off record politics in the field at the college level and at the departmental level. Observing closely the functioning of the head of the department, am able to make out how he makes money easily and of course illegally. But no enough proofs to prove him wrong!

As I mentioned in the earlier blog, post graduate degree is a must for those who want to be in the teaching post of engineering colleges. Many who have joined with the graduate degrees are willing to pursue post-graduate courses but because of the commitments, they are not able to leave their full time job and pursue post-graduation. In such cases, the only thing such people deriving of post-graduate courses will rely on colleges giving full attendance and full marks in the internal tests even without writing it. For the attendance and marks a head of the department can demand up to 10,000 to 20,000 bucks depending upon the candidate’s financial stability!

Other way around, all the management seats will be generally having high fee structure and the candidates mentioned above will not be able to pay such high fees. Then, again the head of the department will interfere in the matter as in the movie, some how the head will be able to reduce the fees substantially using his influence and links in the administrative section, saving a grand 70,000 to 80,000 bucks for each candidate. Hunger of money will not be over for the head of the department, he will call each candidate and inform about fee reduction and asks to pay him 20,000 bucks as commission!

Money matter will not be over here. It continues even in names of workshops and projects. Post Graduate engineering courses requires dissertation to be submitted at the end of the second year as the requirement for the fulfillment of course. Head of the department will make sure that students are enrolled for the projects in the institute which he mentions. Making some useless guidelines, he will make the student helpless as he can play with their degrees, without any objection students will obey and pay the prescribed fees.

Organizing workshops is one more thing conducted in the name of benefit to students, even though the actual benefits are for the head of the department and the organizing institute by the student’s money. The companies and institutes organizing workshops will be decided on the commission they are going to offer to the head of the department!

By making and arranging all these hide and seek, a head of the department can earn up to 8 to 10 lakhs per year apart from his regular salary. If any associate or colleague in the same department is not co-operating in these matters will be legally terminated blaming or through any engineered process!

PS: This blog is not about any one person, it is by observing few heads of the departments of some reputed colleges in the recent past which I had come across. There are many who has lived as examples without these strings attached, but there are very few and rare.


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