Was it my mistake?

I like to help anyone either my students or friends whatever I can or possible from my side. Sometimes this only happens to be the reason of loss of money or unnecessary burden on me.

Post Graduate degree being must for teaching to the students of engineering colleges many people graduated with just an engineering degree are coming forward to pursue post graduate courses. There was a system administrator in the institute where I did engineering, he being an Electronics engineer ended up in that job and somehow wanted to pursue post graduate degree with the meagre savings he had. He helped our group during our final year student project demonstration as a last fulfilment of our engineering course, from that time he was quite close to us. He spoke to me regarding his idea of pursuing PG degree and asked me whether I can do anything regarding that. I consulted a few regarding the same and informed my head of the department that is there any possibility that he could help my friend out of his situation. He readily agreed to help and told me to inform my friend so that he can come on a particular day. On the day before arrival of my friend head of the department asked me to inform the fees of the course and come down as early as possible to register for the course. Also, he hinted there may be chances that my friend has to pay some amount as consultancy to him. But I took it is just for fun.

On the specified day my friend came with some money for admission. As he was non-local came to my room after completing daily rituals we went to college and met the head of the department. After exchanging a few words, he instructed us to go to college office so that admission formalities will be completed. There was some confusion in the fees and again it was reduced after being discussed with the administrative officer of the college as my friend was not ready to pay 10000 bucks extra out of his pocket. Again my head of the department intervened to reduce the fees. In the mean while head of the department asked me regarding the consultancy fees pulling me out of his cabin. He also told me not to tell his name directly to my friend and just tell him that it’s through a consultancy and he need to pay consultancy commission. I couldn’t tell him that I didn’t mention anything about it to my friend.

My friend had come all the way keeping belief on me that somehow I will make sure that he will get out of his problem and could register for a post graduate program. I didn’t want to hurt my friend or spoil his dream of post graduate degree. I didn’t have any other option other than paying money from my pocket to my head of the department as I was also about to register for the post graduate program in some time at the same institute under him. I came home without any idea of what to do or how to arrange money as I was sure that my friend was not ready to pay any extra amount.

I only paid the money from my pocket which I had saved from the months with difficulty, with a hope that it will be helpful some day in future. I gave 10000 bucks to the head of the department next day which he counted twice and kept in his wallet giving close-up smile.

It was a strange feeling I ever had in life giving my hard earned money equivalent to one month salary of mine, I felt someone drenched my heart to the core. I stood controlling tears as I was helpless. Don't know whether I did the mistake or helped someone, I lost the hard earned money!


  1. Hi.....I'm really surprised (kinda shocked too) to see this. A department's HOD being this much cheap. So disgusting!!!. Really for your good heart you'll reach superb positions in life.
    My best wishes & prayers :-)

    BTW are you doing your PG now or still teaching??

  2. Dear Thangavel,

    thanks for your warm comment. Its not comment, its a complement. You made my day.

    Am wearing both the hats now. Teaching part time (like Graduate Assistant) and also registered for the PG.