Life is to Live

To pass time on unexpected holidays I will get the news paper. Solving puzzles is fun. Apart from puzzles and some fun, news paper will have news on political issues and death news. Political issues are at peak covering major portion of any news paper, news agents need not worry much about getting news. Second or the fourth page in almost all news paper will be filled with local information on accidents, suicides and tributes to the departed soles. No one is permanent on this Earth, one or the other day we should leave this place. Even if we try to stay here permanently also we won’t survive.

Leaving the deaths after a certain age, the saddest part is of suicides. The suicidal rate is ever increasing and the reason for committing suicide is much ridiculous. We have only one life, we don’t know whether we take re-birth or not it doesn’t matter much as we won’t know what happened in the earlier birth!

Some of the recent happenings really figuring out that we are unable to withstand even the simplest facts. Committing suicides for scoring less in examination, not getting proper attention from boy friend/girl friend, unable to find a job easily and even getting scolding from the parents/teachers have become major issues for committing suicides.

Even we are failing to face the simplest realities in life. Leading a normal and contented life is very difficult than it appears to be. Every one can’t expect the things to happen as he/she likes to. One should be optimistic and take challenges to face life. The tragedy is that the so called premier institutes of the country are preparing our students only for the sake of making money not concentrating much on the over all personality development of the student (many institutes impart soft skills in the name of personality development.)

We are here only for once, enjoying the life is important. Life is to be lived, not to be wasted.


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