Corruption and Fraud in the name of Students Placement

Most of the students join for engineering course (any branch) mainly for the purpose of job. Within four years of study students will be eligible for placement and can appear for any of the companies recruitment process depending on the criteria specified by the companies. It has been deeply rooted in the minds of the students and their parents that engineering (especially in CSE/IT) is the best way to get settled in life. Many students completing their graduation look for industry jobs than other possibilities in the higher studies or research. Students will tend to attend any of the placement drives conducted on-campus or off-campus.

Most of the IT companies will outsource the recruitment process as it reduces the burden of visiting each college and conducting the placement drives. Many agencies and institutes have come up with the purpose of helping the companies in their recruitment process. They are just similar to the event management agencies. These agencies authorized by the companies acts as a middle man between the companies and colleges. Even there are rumours that these agencies visit the colleges taking huge sum of money to conduct drives and also from the students or management to hire the students. Sometimes college management pays the amount in order to maintain the standard of the college in terms of the placement.

Number of such middle man agencies is surprising increasing. In the same manner many fraud or unauthorized agencies also came into existence. These fake agencies are acting in the same manner as authorized middle man agencies taking money from the students assuring 100% placements. Usually in the race of placements students will not bother much about the genuine agencies and just fall prey to such fake agencies with the hope of better settlement in life.

Many agencies conduct drives in the name of popular companies without any connection with the companies. The condition is so worse that some of the companies have released the warning press notes recently regarding the institutes or agencies conducting the unauthorized placement drives in the name of popular companies. But identifying the agencies whether they are genuine or fake has become difficult.

The best way to identify is just by money factor whether an agency is asking money in each and every process of recruitment or registration as the companies hires students free of cost. But the drawback is if the genuine agencies itself charge money for recruitment, it is impossible to make out genuine or fake!


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