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Was astonished to see a new kind of code in news paper yesterday, a reputed Indian company had advertised for the various posts and at the end it was mentioned that more information on Jobs can be got by the QR code. The code was looking like some Black patterns on White background. For a moment I was surprised looking at the code as I never came across such codes, only the one which I was well versed with is the bar code used in grocery shops and book stores. I thought it is something new technology and felt am outdated! Immediately searched on Google to know what exactly the QR codes are.

QR code is abbreviated from the word Quick Response code, it looks like small rectangle or something represented in the form of matrix. It is a kind of two dimensional barcode being first used in automobile industry for identifying the vehicles. Later got popularity as it is possible to incorporate artistic designs and logos in the codes itself.

There are many QR code generators available and can be used to get QR codes for URLs or on visiting cards. Almost all smart phone platforms supports readability of QR codes, the QR codes has to be scanned to get the information stored on it. The QR code has to be captured or scanned and then further processed using the suitable software to retrieve the information in the codes. Even the encryption can be done for the data stored in QR code.

Physical QR code printed on visiting cards or news paper can be scanned and upon retrieving the link will be directed to the information present in the code or to the respective URLs. This refers to hardlinking or object hyperlinking as it involves linking from the physical world objects. QR code reader is required to read the contents in the QR code.

After knowing what exactly QR codes are and how they can be generated I used the free QR code generator available on Kaywa for generating the QR code for my blog URL and you can see the QR code of my website below


Now I can relax hoping am not outdated with QR codes anymore!

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