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Blogging has become occasional in the work load of the college. Telangana agitation had made students not to attend the classes for a month, in that view college management added one hour per day for the normal working hours increasing the workload! Along with teaching, departmental work seems to be never ending one after the other. I was not having patience at the end of the day to type and post, making me off from posting regularly. In the mean while had applied for joining the IndiBlogger community.

I applied to IndiBlogger community twice, in the first attempt didn’t know what was the problem my account was not proved. Giving a break of almost one month or so again tried, that time also I had the fear of rejection. It took almost a week for my account to get approved. Even I forgot about it checking once or twice about its acceptance but one fine day received the confirmation from IndiBlogger confirming my blog being added to the community of bloggers and on a personal note I was happy that I joined a community exclusively dedicated for bloggers.

Submitted posts one after the after the other to the IndiVine (till now 12). IndiBlogger helped me to get the audience to my blogs. Every blog received liking of some senior bloggers on the community who may be blogging before I knew the words ‘blog’ and ‘blogging’. Learnt a lot of things about the community and fellow bloggers.

As mentioned earlier I couldn’t blog frequently but I submitted the posts to the IndiBlogger receiving good number of hits on my page. IndiBlogger is helping in getting wide audience and also providing a platform for the bloggers to know each other and their blogs. Hope to meet the bloggers in any drives or meets organized by IndiBlogger. Thanks to team IndiBlogger and fellow bloggers.

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  1. Good post dude, It will help ppl to know abt this community, Iam sure this will be the best ever blogging community in India perhaps world :)

    BLog more and enjoy !!
    Good luck :)