Anna Hazare into Blogging and Social Networking

With the advent of Web 2.0, blogging also took steady growth. Since the availability of the high speed broad band connections easily blogging took exponential growth and the growth is ever increasing. Addition to blogging is the social networking. Social Networking sites have become part and parcel of life. Even the minute fluctuations in day to day life or in mood, they are being quickly reflected on the pages of social networking sites. We are sharing more things on these sites pages than with the fellow human beings. Hope in the near future, machine-man interaction will be as common as or even simpler than communication between human beings.

Celebrities are also started with their blog sites and web pages to convey their messages and to socialize (on web) with their fans. Celebrity blogs are popular now and many bollywood actors have turned into bloggers, few of them making decent income by blogging also. Amitabh Bachchan blogs daily on BigAdda and receives on an average 350 comments per blog. Recently, we have witnessed the power of blogging when Anna Hazare sat for hunger strike in demand of Janlokpal bill. Many bloggers were updating the happenings from the site. The role of social networking sites was also incredible. In less than a day’s time many thousands liked the page on Anna Hazare and the event pages to get updates.

New addition to the list of celebrity bloggers is Anna Hazare. Understanding the necessity and power of blogging and social networking sites, Anna is also joining the league. He has started his blog with an intention to cater people World wide who are eagerly waiting to know his thoughts. Currently with the help of Vijay Kuvalekar and Raju Parulekar his blog site is being updated and currently available in English, Hindi and Marathi later to be made available in other vernacular languages also.

Anna Hazare is using WordPress and Blogger platform for hosting blogs. His WordPress blog page is well organized and the blogs in a particular language can be easily found. May be in the future, the blogs on blogger page will also be properly organized.

WordPress blog page –

Blogger blog page –

Anna can be followed on Twitter and Facebook also

Facebook page – Anna Hazare Says

Twitter page – Anna Hazare Says

Hope his blogs will be well received by the people World wide.

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