Facebook's Paid Membership

Social Networking giant ‘Facebook’ is going for paid membership and the members of facebook should sign one or the other kind of membership for retaining their accounts. Such a rumor was spread on internet few days back and many walls (on facebook) was decorated with the information on different levels of memberships and the related cost. The message spread so quickly within no time many discussion and query forums were filled with the question strings linked with the questions pertaining to it. The reason behind many people panic about the costing of facebook is it has become inevitable with our daily life.

Most of my friends don’t even sleep without having a look at facebook account. The interesting thing is it also allows us to know about others a lot. Stalking can be done legally! Facebook has members more than enough to declare it has a country with a population of more than fifty million. If enough space was available on this Earth even facebook users might have sat for strike demanding separate country. Many believe that Windows (of Microsoft) and Walls (of Facebook) rock the world.

Recently I read on one of the popular technology blogs, that facebook has received one trillion page hits. Number of users socializing is increasing making people addicted to these. Whatever may be the addiction if facebook steps for paid membership as many as 90% percent of its members stop using it. The majority of users are students not having enough money to buy membership and will turn towards other websites offering free memberships! Facebook has invested enough on data storage centers and many things so it won’t take a decision affecting the member count.

Facebook has seen a sudden increase in Advertisers turning to it ready to pay any cost. Making advertisements to reach to a particular section of audience is an added advantage. No where else in the web right now doesn’t have the advantage of targeted ads reaching wide audience of particular age group, country and location etc., Facebook is earning decent money from its advertisers and in the last year alone it generated a revenue of around 6.4 billion US dollars. This year the expected revenue generation from advertisers will be twice as that of last year according to an expert analysis.

Facebook will not step forward for paid membership taking chance with its members or account holders. Facebook users can relax!

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  1. Hahaha..Paid membership? Thats a good idea :D..and who knows people may actually be crazy enuf to pay, one day :D