Bombay - Karachi Halwa

Unexpected holiday once in a while in the routine schedule is welcome and I love to look forward such days. But if the holidays itself become majority in a week then it is very difficult to spend time. Getting used to taking class for minimum two or three hours a day, not getting how to spend time without doing any work sitting idle at home. To get out of boredom learnt preparing Bombay-Karachi Halwa from one of my colleague. I don’t know how the name came to this halwa!

Ingredients required for preparing Bombay-Karachi Halwa:

Quantities are important for this halwa so add all the ingredients in definite proportions

Corn flour (50 grams)

Sugar (100 grams) for preparing Sugar syrup using water (100 to 125 ml)


Cardamom powder

Cashew Nuts


First prepare sugar syrup. Next, in a non-stick pan mix corn flour with 100 ml water. Mix well without any lumps, don’t make the solution too dilute or too thick. Add little ghee and keep pan on low flame. Keep stirring, when the liquid mixture of corn flour gets thickening switch off the flame. Keep stirring the mixture adding the sugar syrup in little quantities. Once the sugar syrup is mixed with corn flour mixture, again switch on the flame and add three table spoon of ghee little by little keep stirring as before. Add a pinch of cardamom powder and cashew pieces (and color if necessary) and mix well. Switch off the flame and spread the mixture on a plate greased with ghee. Leave it for an hour and cut into desired shapes.

Instead of sugar syrup, honey or jaggery syrup can be used.


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