Took a short leave from Blogging

Had decided to write at least one blog per day but because of workload and relocation to Hyderabad kept me away from blogging. Didn’t write anything in the last few days. Slowly getting adjusted to Hyderabad weather and work load in the college. I have been assigned with handling two subjects and a lab for the students. Enjoying teaching students of entirely different back ground as am teaching one of the computer subjects to the Mechanical branch students and one more course and lab for the MCA department where the students are from diverse back grounds ranging from statistics to political science. In the mean while I got the seat confirmed for pursuing higher studies. The classes will commence from next month, looking forward to experience the post graduate classes!

Most of the classes are assigned in the after noon immediately after the lunch break. The difficulty in teaching is to take classes in the noon as students will be ready to go to sleep with the indication of yawning continuously after the lunch. The challenge for the teacher is to keep the students awake cracking some jokes and explaining simple concepts. Being an engineering student some time ago I had the freedom of studying only easy topics for the exam but now being a teacher I should read, understand and teach the concepts irrespective of whether the topics are easy or difficult.

I am slowly learning the work of a teacher, keeping track on syllabus coverage, writing lecture plan and maintaining attendance records of students. Was assigned with the internal exam duty, had to stand for two hours without doing any work just having look at busy writing students. Exam duty is quite boring but still no other go as it is the prime thing to be conducted in any course.

Not getting enough time to visit any spots in Hyderabad as the college working hours only take more than half a day. Had been to home also last week applying two days leave on the eve of Ganesh Chathurthi which is also one of the reason for not blogging as I didn’t have internet access.

Hoping to blog regularly from now onwards as am back from short blogging vacation!


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