Mobile Phone Charging Kiosks

Discharging of Mobile Phone Batteries is the common experience for the people travelling frequently. There is no way by which one can easily charge the batteries. Many carry mobile chargers and keep for charging wherever they come across the plug sockets. Sometimes we can see people charging the phones in bus stands and railway stations. We are obsessively associated with the mobile phones, even if the signal is not available on the phone for a while we get tensed and won’t be in rest till we get a single dot on signal indicator! Also, we like to capture all the things and like to store everything on phone, irrespective of whether it is any private photos or confidential matters such as credit card, debit card and even online banking passwords.

In the Metropolitan cities, there will be charging kiosks which will be having charging pins of almost all kind of mobile phones. The charging of mobile phone batteries can be done either by the chargers connected to the power supply or by connecting the mobile phone to the laptops or computer through USB port. Similarly, the mobile phone charging kiosks at the public places also use either work on electric supply or by computer ports for charging phone batteries.

If the charging at the kiosks is done using USB port then there are chances that the owner of the kiosk can access the data on mobile phones. There is also possibility that the data on the phone can be misused.

Always make sure that on which source the public charging kiosk work. If there is any doubt regarding its source of charging or not sure about it, don’t take chance. Just switch off the mobile phone and keep for charging as accessing the phone data is not possible when it is switched off.


  1. Great article, but one way of knowing is by the brand. Our brand, goCharge, does not EVER take your data. We have charge-only technology.

  2. Mobile phone charging kiosks will help people traveling frequently. Charging your mobile can be done by the chargers connected to the power supply of the kiosk or by connecting via laptops through USB port. It's safe to switch off your phone while charging in a kiosk to prevent access of phone data.