Alcohol doesn't solve any problem

Alcohol or alcoholic beverages are available easily than the necessary things. Drinkers get everything easily, within no time two drinkers can become good friends! The conversation with drinkers is very difficult as they speak as if they ruled the World for half a century. We can find such people on the bus or train journey, they will be waiting for someone to listen their words.

The drinkers will give a common reason that to come out of depression or to forget their pain they will drink. Alcohol makes the nervous system weak and the ability to sense the things so it is common that drinkers are more prone to accidents. Even a bit of alcohol is not good for health but a few self declared intelligent people encouraging it as it is considered good for health and keep us healthy. But none of the authentic research has proved that alcohol is good for health.

Drinking doesn’t solve any problem. For people living on meager income, drinking in a bane as the earning member of the family spends everything on it making his family to suffer without food. Some drink for the sake of fun, leave them as they will do it as a means of spending money but some how about the people who have to live only with small income. If the elder earning member of the family itself is a drinker, then no wonder if the next generation also continues the same.

Alcohol addiction is a social problem, we should educate our own people about its danger. Medicines available in the market are not helpful in keeping people away from drinking. One should have a strong urge to leave Alcohol as it doesn’t solve any problem in reality.


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