VLC Media Player - Best Video Converter and Compressor

I used CamStudio to record the how-to video for applying online application for passport. The problem I faced was that the video file created was about 1.5 GB. It is very difficult to compress that video without losing quality and also it is difficult to upload such a huge file on any video sharing platforms including YouTube. I tried many video converters to compress the video maintaining the quality but all went in vain, if the file size reduces, quality decreases so that screen is not clearly visible. 

Again uninstalling all the installed software was head ache as many tool bars and additional search bars won’t go away so easily. Finally searching a lot on Internet, I got to know that such kind of compression without losing much quality can be done using VLC Media player itself. Even though VLC Media Player is widely used for playing video and audio files, other usages are less known.

It is easy to convert the video and audio files to the desired format using VLC Media Player. It not only changes the video to desired format, it also compresses the video size without losing much quality.

You may be surprised to know, 1.5 GB file was compressed to just 10MB and it was easy to share on YouTube.

Steps to Convert and Compress using VLC Media Player:

1) Open the VLC Media Player, select Media in Tool bar and in that click on ‘Convert/ Save’ option or you can use short cut key Ctrl + R

2) Select the file which you want to convert and click on Convert/Save

3) Select the Destination folder where you want to save the converted file, while saving the file name save with the extension (suppose if you want to save file name as abc converting into MP4 format then give name file name as abc.mp4 not only abc )

4) Even you can select or change the Audio or Video codec by using the Edit Selected Profile option present next to profile selection drop down menu

5) Click on Start, within few minutes you will get the converted file in specified format and you will see that size of file will be reduced


  1. format factory and another freemake video converter is the best have a try n google it.

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