Jharani Narasimha Cave Temple, Bidar

Narasimha Jharani is a pleasant place in Bidar, Karnataka having temple of Narasimha Swami. People coming to Bidar make it a point to visit Bidar fort, Narasimha Jharana and Guru Nanak Jharana. Ususlly people from Andhra Pradesh (especially Hyderabad) and Maharastra visit this place as a picnic spot which can be covered in a single day. Specialty of this temple is, to visit God Narasimha Swami one has to walk about five hundred meters in cave canal having stagnant water. Frequent Government buses also operate from Bidar central bus stop to Narasimha Jharani.

Entrance of Narasimha Jharani

At the starting point of cave canal there is an idol of Naraismha Swami. Few stone steps are there to enter into cave canal and after that only soil.
Narasimha Swami idol near the entrance of cave canal

Walls are of red bricks and because of stagnant water, water stinks a little. Bats and Cockroaches are common as seen in any other cave like structures. Sanctum sanctoram is having the stone carved Narasimha swami is present and to the left of it is the Shiva idol. Aerators pump fresh air into the cave canal making it free from suffocation.
Narsimha Swami - Sanctum Sanctoram
(observe the above pic carefully just below the upper aperture, you can see the slight of tongue of idol in almost red color) 

Shivalinga to the left of Narasimha Swami

In front of temple is the water falling from the mounted mouth of Nandi, water is clean and can have bath. 

water falling from mouth of Nandi

Dressing rooms are in pathetic condition not maintained properly. Some steps to maintain cleanliness have to be maintained as many waste things were floating in the water in the cave canal.