Change the Position of Blog Title in Blogger

By default the title of blog in blogger will be aligned to the left in most of the templates. Very rarely templates except the customized ones will have the title at the center of the web page.

It is as simple as posting as posting blog to make the title of the blog to appear at the center of web page. Go to Edit HTML section of your blog if you aware of path if not follow this:

Go to Template -> Edit HTML -> Proceed

Irrespective of any browser you are using, type Ctrl + F and search for


Replace the above code snippet with

#header-inner {text-align: center; }

Click on preview to see, how the title at the center appears for your blog. If you are ok with it click on save changes otherwise just close the opened window without saving any changes!

Also, you can align your blog title to the left of Web page in case you are placing advertisements or any other widgets to the right of your blog title. Just change the word ‘center’ in the above snippet with ‘right’.

#header-inner {text-align: right; }


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