Planning to start exploring Hyderabad

I was busy with the works of the departmental events and expert lectures to both the faculty and students. Experience with the organizing events is always demanding and took most of my time without giving some spare time to sit and post few blogs. For one of the expert lecture, we invited a professor from Goa University and I was assigned with the work of taking care of that person. As the person was known to me it was not difficult for me to converse with him regarding his whereabouts and requirements. The journey to see small part or glimpse of Hyderabad started from the time I went to receive the professor at S. R. Nagar.

I woke up at four in the morning and reached directly to S R Nagar taking bus from Uppal depot as head of my department informed me that the car arranged by the car will be directly coming to pick both of us at S R Nagar. With a bit struggle with auto rickshaw drivers I was able to reach destination. Felt relaxed seeing the professor; it was my duty to make him feel comfortable as I only arranged for his visit to Hyderabad. I informed the car driver in little Telugu whatever I knew about where we are standing and land mark (TB hospital) Car came in twenty minutes to take us to the lodge reserved for stay.

Narayana Comforts at Habsiguda is a good and economic lodge can opt for but all the rooms are air conditioned. One more advantage is its location, center to many places. After completing professor’s daily rituals we left to college and the program went well as the scheduled plan.

Evening we duo returned to lodge and wet for shopping resting for a while as professor wanted to do some shopping. Habsiguda has all the branded show rooms and he purchased t-shirts from Mega Mart. While conversing I told professor that the shoes and leather items are quite cheaper here compared to any other places. He was quite surprised and showed interest in purchasing. We went to Nacharam, I was quite surprised to see street full of shoe marts on either sides. As suggested by one of my colleague’s husband we directly went to Anand Leathers. Prices were very less compared to the branded ones such as Bata, Woodlands etc., the shop had good collections and the service by the shop boys was also good making professor to purchase more than one pair.

Exploring came to end on the next day dropping professor at lakdi-ka-pool for his return journey to Goa. I was happy that I saw a bit of Hyderabad including Nacharam, Planning to explore the city in the near future as I have heard lot of places to visit.


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