DNA Match Making!

Indian parents will be surprised to know that there exists an alternate match matching technique apart from Astrology. Astrology mainly relies on the position of stars at the time of birth, in the hi-tech medical world even sizerian performed to get the baby delivered will decide the time of birth and in turn the position of stars. In short, we can decide the time of birth! Recently, I heard from one of my neighbor from my native that to avoid the baby to be born in Rahu Kalam they had to pot for sizerian. Before asking doctor to perform sizerian they consulted Astrologers so that the stars will be at the right place. No wonder if in few years some Astro-medico clinics will start and also the hospitals will have consultant or visiting Astro-specialist like other specialists!

DNA matching involves the matching of genetic compatibility of the persons wh wish to get married. According to a company perfroming such DNA tests, it will be helpful in finding the right partner and the relationship lasts for long. Also, the company adds that DNA match making helps in turning people towards the traditional arranged marriages and increases the belief in arranged marriages. I doubt that there is an Indian in the team of that company as we Indians give much importance to the arranged marriages.

Guess the companies performing DNA match have nt heard of one of popular Indian jokes - 'The horoscopes of Boy's mother and Girl should be matched as they are the home makers and they living in hormany is more important than Girl's horoscope matching with the boy!' Otherwise these companies would have started consultation for the same. These kind of comapnies are still in Western countries and not expanded their business in the East, they may consider the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law compability service once they move towards this side.

Relations have to be strong between the personalities based on the warmth and comfortness one feels being with the other. Not in the lab based on the results of DNA match making experiments. But I heard somewhere that during marriages of Indian style also some traditions are performed in order to increase the relation bond between the boy and girl, dont know how far it is true and proved scientifically.


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