Effective treatment for Ringworm caused by wet cloths

The common problem encountered in rainy season or cloudy weather is the ringworm caused by the improper drying of cloths. The itching and wound formed after that is beyond explanation. Best way is to prevent ring worms is by using dried cloths particularly inner wears and being specifically dried in sun light. Sun light is the best germ killer as research proved.

But how about the ones who got ringworm? Even changing soaps or applying creams available in market can give relief only for sometime but won’t give permanent relief.

One should no apply soap on the area affected with ringworms as it increases the itching making pH imbalance of the skin. Instead of that use Gram flour popularly called as besan to clean the affected area, which neutralizes the skin and achieves pH balance. Hope some people remember using besan to small kids while giving bath.

Wipe out water from the ringworm affected reason and allow it to dry for sometime as there should not be any moisture. Apply pure coconut oil on the affected area. It not only reduces itching but also reduces ringworm over a period of time. Continue this for a week or so, the ringworm will totally disappear.

Coconut oil is having lot of medicinal and healing properties but some people are spreading rumors about its authenticity.

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