White Highlighting appearing on Blogger content

Recently the problem encountered by majority of bloggers on blogger.com is once the blog is posted white highlighting is appearing over the content. Mostly this is happens when the bloggers do last minute editing of post like adding few sentences or removing some sentences or using by back space. One way to get rid of this is to switch to old blogger interface but the features in new blogger interface is awesome so don’t switch back.

Before proceeding further, a brief introduction about HTML would help to overcome the problem of white color highlighting. All the tags in HTML should start with ‘<’ and end with ‘>’. A sample HTML tag will look like this
<p style = “font-size”:110%”>
Hyderabad Nijams
This tag will show the content Hyderabad Nijams with font size assigned as 110%

The blogger in parallel make HTML document of whatever is being added to the content while posting the blog which can be accessed by selecting HTML just below Blog title, by default it will be set to text mode.
White highlighting will be appearing because of presence of following tag in HTML document

<span style = “back-ground-color: white; text-align: left; “>
** content of blog **

Don’t delete any of tag elements as it may result in error of HTML code and Google search may not crawl throw your content.

I also made mistake of deleting the span tag content style = “back-ground-color”:white;  the blogger however saved the document but the post title was redirecting to some other post. I deleted the title and again reposted the entire blog entry.

Instead open HTML document, pres Ctrl + F (searching will be using in the document) and search white, wherever you see white replace it with the word transparent. This will make the highlighting to disappear and give the back ground color to the content. We are not changing any HTML tags by doing this. We are just changing the color as changing color is not an error.


  1. This has been driving me crazy, thanks for the help!

  2. very helpful..is there a way of finding and replacing background color white?

  3. I just blocked the whole text body and hit the "Remove Formatting" button (looks like a T with a red x) on the toolbar. Then I simply reformatted the way I wanted it.