Honnemardu near Talaguppa, Shimoga

Honnemardu is a small village in Sagar Taluk of Shimoga. While going towards Jog falls from Shimoga take left near Churikatte cross to reach Honnemardu. It is present at a distance of 8 kms from Talguppa (Talguppa is 15 kms from Sagar towards Joga road and 78 kms from Shimoga) Vehicles are available on rent from Talguppa but they charge more giving reason that the road is not good and the vehicle mileage will drop. Small tourist vehicles such as Tata Indica, Maruthi cannot reach there as the route is of stone and mud. Many times to avoid taking visitors to this place, drivers and tourist operators give wrong information that it is being closed!
Canoe and Coracle for training and visitors ride

Honnemardu is deep inside forest and nothing is available there so take food and necessary items before going. Boating, Swimming, camp fire, building tents will be taught here by the Adventurers Association, Bangalore. Prior permission at least before two weeks has to be taken from the Bangalore office to get trained or to get a taste of opportunities here and no spot registrations are allowed. Minimum twelve members have to be registered in order to provide training. Also some certification courses are also available from Adventures Club.
place to discuss during camps

The island at Honnemardu is formed by the back waters of Sharavathi river. Adventurers Association Bangalore is looking after this place. At most care is being taken so that plastic or any waste materials are not dumped at this place.
Island on which night camping is done

No big building or any commercial complex is present in this place. Just two rooms, tile roof house is present and full time employees are looking after. Free boat ride is available for the visitors on a coracle. One can enjoy water sports (such as diving, swimming, riding coracle and canoe), beauty of sun rise and sun set, camping on an island etc., Avoid visiting this place during monsoon.
Office of Adventurers Association at Honnemardu

We visited here in Monsoon and without any prior information. We just came back with the information and a small ride in coracle with Mr Lambodhar, an instructor at this place. Thanks to nice driver Mr Srinivas who took us till the end of the road even though we were travelling in hired Tata Indica. 
Giving information about this place on ride

Adventurers Association Bangalore can be contacted on following address:
Mr. Swamy, Ms. Nomita - Adventurers
The Adventurers 
142, 69th Cross, 5th Block, Rajajinagar, 
Bangalore- 560 010 
Phone: 080-23305508 or 080-23409712


  1. we friends planing to visit place .. hope its nice place

  2. Yep it will be nice.. but book at Bangalore office before going there...

  3. Is it safe to visit in August??

    1. Don't go in rainy season as you can't enjoy... Go in January after rain or anytime except rainy season...