Temples on Kodachadri Hill

Kodachadri is not only popular hill station for trekking, it also has few temples on it. Many people visit this place to see these temples than to trek Kodachadri Hill. Four temples are situated near the trek start point till where the jeeps reach. Apart from those four there is Ganesha Guha and Shankara (Sarvajna) Peetam.

The four temples present near the end of vehicle reaching point are Sree Parvateshwara temple, Sree Bhadrakali temple, Sree Siddeshwara temple and Sree Huliraya temple.
Sree Parvateshwara Temple

Sree Bhadrakali Ammanavaru 

Sree Siddeshwara temple
Sree Huliraya Temple

Apart from these four Ganesha Guha or cave is present near to Sarvajna Peetam while trekking. There is small board near to the tea shop on the way up (not near four temples) with a direction to take right to reach towards Ganesha Guha.
Ganesha Guha having idol of Lord Ganesha

Sarvajna Peetam having idol of Adi Shankaracharya

Even the ‘Trishulam’ present at this place is quite popular and people visit this as there is a belief that it give protection against the wicked powers.


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