He accepted her as Lover and also he accepted her as Pregnant

Rachana was my senior during college days. She was quite popular on the campus for her looks, beauty and also for the friendliness which she maintained with everyone. Many proposed her without waiting for the Valentine’s Day. It was the much debated topic on the campus that whom she will accept as boy friend finally.

Rahul was two years senior to us studying in the electronics and communication engineering department. He was a bright student looking for pursuing higher studies abroad. Rahul’s flawless English and the charming look unanimously made him to anchor for all the college events.

Rachana and Rahul came to know each other during one of the college events and the friendship continued. After some time they got committed and stepped into relation beyond friendship on one of the Valentine’s Day. Both of them spotted together in the canteen, in bus whenever they came to college. Need not to say explicitly that both paid fine for having less percentage of attendance. Also there were many in the college who were jealous of their relationship! I was a common friend to both so I always used to get the regular updates if anything new.

Two years later Rahul went abroad to pursue his dream of higher studies. Extensive study and getting adjusted to life in the new country was challenging for Rahul and couldn’t spend much time talking or chatting with Rachana with which she was quite upset. Being a long distance relationship it didn’t survive for a long time. Rachana thought that Rahul got a new girl abroad and neglecting her. Every effort by me and Rahul convincing her nothing like that couldn’t help. She left him but he didn’t.

Rachana also got placed in one of the top multinational company, joined there as intern and continued thereafter as employee even bagging the best employee award from the company. Even in company many proposed her as in the college but she didn’t accept. I couldn’t keep regular contact with Rahul and Rachana after the college days as I shifted to Goa, Goa to home for few months and then to Hyderabad.

After I shifted to Hyderabad I called her to wish on her birthday. She was surprised as the call was unexpected and she wanted to meet me. It was almost two years that we were not in regular contact. She was also in Hyderabad at that moment so we met on the weekend.

Without much formal talk she spoke about her work and the work pressure. Also, she said that she got committed with one of her colleague. I was quite surprised thinking how this can happen! I didn’t tell anything and also didn't dig into the matter. I just said ok as that is the case with many relationships.
I didn’t know how Rahul is and dropped him a mail about his whereabouts. He replied immediately and told his plans to visit India in two weeks as he got a job offer from an Indian employer. I was looking forward to receive him.

Rachana was in regular contact, recently she called and informed that she was cheated by her colleague with whom she was committed. He left the company and had cut all the contacts with her. More shocking news was that she is pregnant. She was quite upset. I applied for leave of one day from college and went to meet her. To cut her story short, her colleague cheated her making her to believe that he will marry her soon speaking to his parents and as well as taking permission from her parents. I didn’t know what to tell and console her. She was planning to go for abortion. She asked me to enquire in the hospitals regarding the procedure. I called couple of hospitals regarding abortion but all they required is reason for abortion or a certificate from a certified doctor that the baby is abnormal and has to be terminated. I felt it is a sin to terminate foetus which has no way committed any crime.

In the next ten days Rahul was back to India and had come Hyderabad to meet me. Casually speaking he asked about Rachana as he lost all contacts with her. I just said she is doing fine and she is also in Hyderabad. He asked me is it possible to arrange a meet with her. I said ok and on the very next day we met.

Rachana was mentally depressed that time fearing about her condition in the society. She readily started talking to Rahul without any hesitation as before as if nothing has happened. In the flow she even discussed regarding her current situation. By Rahul’s face itself I could make out he was shocked and took some time for him to digest the matter. He went out and made couple of calls. He was back and asked Rachana, will you marry me? She sobbed.

Rahul was able to convince his parents and as well as her parents for the marriage. They got married and living happily.

He once accepted her as Lover and once again he accepted her as pregnant.


  1. hehe "P interesting topic :D

  2. Its unbelivable... But, if it happened in real life, hats off to him... It can be a good story too..

  3. A little hard to believe..
    If its from real life... He is really great.
    And she is the luckiest...
    I just respect their relation and his decision. :)

  4. Chandrashekar2/19/2012 3:18 pm

    A touching example of true love.Wish a happy life for the couple