Travelling has always humbled me more

I like and love to travel whenever I get time. I have travelled mostly in the western coastal belt of India from Mangalore to Gujarat via Goa and recent trips to Hyderabad from my home town. All the travels have helped me to feel how the people are living around, it gives me a different perspective towards life. One particular journey I especially remember is travelling to Gujarat to attend an interview.

I boarded the train at Madgaon (Goa) and requested TC to give reservation till Baroda. As few tickets were cancelled and not much travelers so TC gave a confirmed ticket till Baroda. Journey was pleasant. In the mean while I got introduced to a family (couple with two kids) from Kerala who were shifting from their home town to Ahmadabad in search of green pasture. Kids were small, just known to communicate in Hindi, wife did not know Hindi or any other language except Malayalam. Husband knew few languages roaming over the places for business. He had lot of dreams like getting his daughters admitted in good schools to make them educated etc., I wished them bye at Baroda and left. Waited for a long time at Baroda bus stand to reach the venue of interview. “I felt change is inevitable on the way of making a good life seeing the family who left their kith and kin and moving far to build a nest for themselves.”

I reached the place of interview and successfully completed it with a job offer. I had a chance to meet one south Indian lady at the interview venue, later her husband took me to their home and I stayed with them. It was an eye opener to learn from them how therefore fathers shifted to Baroda in search of job. Slowly subsequently they got adapted to the living habits of Gujarati people and staying in harmony with them. Whatever we do is for food and we are going to stay here for only few years. Why to live with having jealous, hat redness and anger with our fellow men spoiling our happiness and as well as of others. The delicious aloo parantha the couple served me for the night was indicating their adoption to the life style of Gujarat.

I left next day wishing them bye with a hope to keep in touch with them in future. I didn't get reservation, so took general ticket and boarded train at Baroda. I always heard that general compartments are the best place to get the knowledge of what is happening around us? Many unknowns will become known ones and start conversation without any limitation or boundary of state, country or world!

Crossing few stations I got seat at side single window seat and I was happy as if I was sitting on thrown as it is the chair mostly people like to occupy. One lady was sitting in front of me, neither too aged to call aunty nor too young to call as girl. Somehow the conversation started with her and came to know that she was an entrepreneur running own business of customized jewelers and it was one of her regular trip to meet her clients. She exchanged couple of her ideas how she is planning to empower rural youth and trying to find out ways of self employment to make rural women to earn using whatever skills they have. Conversation continued till she got down at Panvel (Mumbai)

One more interesting person came and sat in front of me was working at Saudi and had been to Gujarat to see any openings are there as he was a certified jewellary tester who do the job of testing ornaments and diamonds for their quality once the ornaments are made. He was telling his experiences at Saudi how hard it is to live without families and also without any regular contact with family members. He even told how the employers in Saudi will cheat once a person goes and joins for the job accepting their work order. Many times the job seekers end up in low profile jobs without enough money to go back to their countries.

Meeting these two I learnt it is not difficult to live a life on this Earth. There are various legal ways one can opt for leading a good life. I decided to not to give up my hopes and planned to continue with my efforts thinking some day or other my number will come.

I forgot to mention about one more family I met at Baroda staying back side the couple’s house which I stayed. They were also from South India particularly Mangalore. Their story was somewhat different. Many years ago they moved to Gujarat, their kids were born, educated and are doing job in Baroda itself. Now, the problem the family was facing is marriage of their children. Their children didn't know any language except Tulu or Kannada. I felt they are at cross roads and their kids in between junction of two roads. If they go back to Mangalore, they won’t have any job to do or make their living and if they stay at Baroda they won’t get suitable match for their daughters. Life sometimes throws questions at us which the time only can solve and give answers.

Travelling always taught me new lessons, making me more humble and less egoistic than earlier.

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