Story of Google - Doodle

Many times opening Google home page we have scratched our heads thinking why Google has changed its logo. Google is following it as a rule to display special kind of logo instead of its regular blue, red, yellow and green color combination logo on birthdays of celebrities or scientists contributed for the advancement of human life and also on special occasions.  The logos placed on such occasions are popularly called as ‘Doodles’.

Doodles have become popular over time and even some time back Google has arranged competition for children on designing Doodles. The concept of doodle was initially designed by its founders itself in 1998. But the name Doodle came after a longtime. As mentioned in the Google’s official website, first time the Doodle was used when the founders Sergery Bin and Larry Page went to attend Burning Man festival at Nevada desert. Their absence at the office was indicated by them by placing a stick figure drawing behind the second ‘o’ in the company name intended to make users understand that founders are out of office. The actual logo used by them for the out of office purpose can be found here.

Actually doodle gained prominence when Dennis Hwang developed a design for Google logo on ‘Bastille Day’. Later Dennis Hwang, who joined Google as intern was made in-charge of Doodle and later on the occurrence of such doodles were often on the Google website.

Doodle is fun and many love to see them on the home page of Google. The collection of Doodles can be found here.

Personally, I liked the interactive Doodle electric guitar published on June 09 2011 to celebrate 96th birthday of Musician and inventor Les Paul. A student project which was initiated to perform efficient data mining in an university campus has become so popular and ruling the majority of web world as giant!


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