Happy New Year 2012

I was not awake last mid-night to welcome the new calendar year 2012. I slept off on my usual routine time without any hint of getting any mid-night phone calls or messages. But I made sure that phone is not in silent mode (not even in vibrate mode) which is the state my mobile phone will be most of the times.

At around 1’o clock in mid night my phone started ringing. I didn’t have any other option than receiving as I forgot it is New Year eve and blindly received. The caller was my student, called to wish Happy New Year. Somehow controlled the sleep and wished her the same. 

Even I had received messages from the students and a colleague. Messages are less this year compared t last year as many cellular service providers have cancelled the free message offer on December 31st and January 1st. In anguish, one of the blogger has even mentioned the cellular companies as bunch of beggars for cancelling the message offer.

Had a brief deep sleep after the phone call, only to wake up in the morning 6’o clock with an intension to see the sun on 2012. But it went in vein as the weather is cloudy with the cold breeze. More cold here in the surrounding as it doesn’t have any vehicular traffic. The reason for the cold may be the effect of the cyclone Thane.

Even the regular coffee shop was not having regular Sunday crowd with majority of Infosys employees, may be because of mid-night celebrations. The news papers had all the news and expectations for the New Year. Also, the most discussed hot topic end of the world in 2012 December is widely covered.

Form this blog onwards, all the blogs of mine will be listed under the tag 2012. In 2011 I was able to write 154 blogs starting from March 28th receiving nearly 6,000 visits. Hope to double the readers in the New Year with good number of useful posts.

Even it started to rain while composing this blog, one of the first rains experiencing in Hyderabad. From tomorrow another semester is going to start hoping to see the new students.

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year 2012.


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