Secret of Rajinikanth's Website working without Internet

For the ones not aware of the website developed in the name of Rajinikanth by his fans, the website runs without Internet connection. Sounds crazy? Read on.

Always Rajini’s style and stunts are unique and also after the popularity of his role as a robot, Rajinikanth became very popular in jokes and impossible things. To that account Rajini’s fans have developed and dedicated website in the name of their popular star ‘Rajinikanth’ which depicts his life and career. Obviously, to give Rajini touch – the website works only when internet is not connected.

The website opens with a welcome message that the website runs with the Rajini power not with the internet and kindly disconnect the internet to continue further. Once the internet is disconnected, we can access further pages about Rajini, in the mean time suppose if internet is connected the website stops displaying its content with a message ‘Aiyyo! That was unexpected. To keep browsing, switch off your internet. ‘

The design of the website is wonderful and it is the first of its kind. Looking at the technical details of the website, we can easily make out it is designed using Flash. Upon opening the website a temporary folder containing flash pages will be stored into the computer memory. When the internet is disconnected, the pages will be in the memory of local machine (or the user machine) and won’t be fetched from the internet. Coming to the internet connection, the web page opened will be pinging to some server at the back end, if any data packets are received then it display the internet is connected to system otherwise no such messages and we can access to all the contents. The design is such that pinging process will be done continuously so that if any arrival of data packets is identified, immediately the above mentioned message displays informing internet is connected!

Rajini is always popular giving shocks to his fans. Now, his fans only gave him shock developing a website running on Rajini power.

Rajinikanth’s website working without Internet can be found at ‘Rajini’s power website


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