Nokia Phones are becoming rare

Slowly Nokia phones are vanishing from the people’s hand and heart. One time don of Indian mobile market, the best mobile phone on which one can rely upon for its performance, long battery life (compared to the other phones) and the company which had attracted millions of Indians though it’s simple yet classic phone is facing the difficulty of surviving. Recently have observed many people ranging from simple users to hi-end users, they are no more relying upon Nokia phones compared to earlier. How a long time hit phone in the Indian market is slowly losing its monopoly? I tried to analyze it and gathered some information which may be responsible for the decrement of Nokia phones.

Low end Nokia phones recently launched in the market are facing the design problem of using the same speaker for ringing and hearing purpose. Earlier Nokia phones were coming with different speakers one for hearing and the other for ringing when there is call or message. With the usage of single speaker for the dual purposes have increased the additional noise resulting in poor voice quality and also the person standing near to the phone also can hear what people on phone are conversing!

High end Nokia phones are coming with the Symbian Operating System. The number of Apps which can be loaded on this operating system is limited and as symbian is not a free one, the cost of Nokia smart phones are high compared to other phones available in the market. Some models of Nokia phones are having Windows operating system, which is again not freely available making the cost higher. Almost same features of Nokia smart phones are available in low cost with the Android Operating System which supports for more applications even the user developed ones.

Nokia is not trying to understand necessity of people immediately and act according to it. Different mobile service providers are having different tariff plans, some are having good offers on talk time, roaming etc., making people to have more than one sim card. It’s obvious that such people will look for having dual sim phones rather than frequently changing sim cards. Unfortunately, Nokia released its dual sim phones quite late in the market, becoming one of the reasons for its reduced popularity. Even the nosier dual sim phones are having signal problem compared to the other company phones.

Even people are asking for Android phones in the mobile shops irrespective of its manufacturer making Android phones more popular. Some of the companies are releasing mobile phones with more features (majority with Android) for cheap price compared to the best low end Nokia phone.

Earlier mobile phones were just used for calls and messages but now people look for the best possible applications available and then think about the rest. When the good phones are available in other models (I mean other companies) why people will go for only Nokia phones?

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  1. I don't understand why nokia is so reluctant to embrace android!