BOOTMGR is compressed

BOOTMGR is compressed

Press ALT + Ctrl + Del to restart

If you are getting this message as soon as you switch on the computer or laptop configured with Windows 7 or Windows Vista then surely it’s a simple problem. You can rectify it easily following simple steps using Windows 7 or Windows Vista installation DVD

1) Insert the DVD and restart the system, give system boot using DVD drive or the system automatically prompts to the Installation wizard

2) In installation wizard select the language and then select repair the Operating System(not to proceed with installing fresh copy) on selecting repair new selection window will pop up

3) In the window select the drive in which Operating System was installed, just right click on the drive(Usually C drive), select Properties, again new selection screen will be opened

4) In the opened window just deselect compress selected folder and give OK.

After deselecting compress selected folder, just give cancel in the entire opened screen. Now remove the DVD and restart, your system just works fine…

The only problem because of which you got above message is you have selected the Save Disk Space Wizard to save Drive space, in which the BOOTMGR will be compressed not allowing Operating System to boot…


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