Happy New Year 2014

Year 2013 was a year of happenings personally and professionally even though I could not blog much often due to demands at the work place and commitments. Most important of all was that I completed my Post – Graduate degree (M. Tech.) with distinction and got registered for Ph. D. program in one of the reputed institution of South India joining as Junior Research Fellow.

Year 2013 was also a year of tensions as I was assigned with project work which was significantly considered to be toughest kind of theoretical computer science. With much of turmoil and managing stress as my project work was connected to the PhD work of my immediate boss. Somehow I sustained completing woks within deadlines and getting out of Hyderabad as planned. Hopefully I was successful. Another good thing was the paper I presented at the International Conference got the best paper award and I could communicate one paper (kind of research paper with new approach) to an indexed journal and waiting for response!

Year 2013 was a dreadful year for my blog post counts as I couldn’t do much with the demands of personal and professional life even though I could write a few posts. Hope to write about the new place soon. Also, the year had good number of visitors to my blog compared to previous year. Every time the search engine giant Google updated its search algorithms my blog has received more number of visitors so may be it is having some good and worthy content!

Hoping to acquire one more academic degree in few more years, the highest, one can acquire in his life time. Wish me good luck!

I wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014. Hope am not too late to wish!


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