Kodachadri Trekking and Shankara (Sarvajna) Peetam

Western Ghats constitute the mountain range along the western side of India. It is also considered as the Biological hot spot as it provides housing for diverse species.

scenery as Kodachadri is nearing 

Kodachadri is one of the popular trekking spot near to Shimoga, Karnataka. One can even reach there using public transport as there are buses from Shimoga often. It was suggested by many that not to trek Kodachadri during Monsoon.

near to Kodachadri

On the top or peak of kodachadri is the Shankara Peetam (also called as Sarvajna Peetam), a place where Mythology explains that Adi Shankaracharya did Tapas in order to get blessings from Devi. One can reach the peak by three routes; all the routes will end at the four temples situated at the middle Kodachadri. From there all need to trek to reach peak irrespective of the way they selected to trek in three routes.
Shankara Peetam also called as Sarvajna Peetam at the peak of Kodachadri

First route: In this route jeeps are available for rent and one can go till the middle of peak where there are four temples nearby. Rent is Rs 1200 and it is advisable to go by the jeeps available there than the private vehicles as it require skilled driver to drive through rough roads with frequent turns, ups and downs in the road of full stones. It takes more than half an hour to reach the middle of peak through jeep and the driver will wait there for two hours at the middle of peak so that visitors can go till Shankara Peetam and come back. Also, it is advisable not to take heavy food before getting into jeep.

Shankaracharya statue at the peak

Second route: it starts from Nittur Government primary school before the base of the peak if you are coming from Shimoga side. This route goes through deep forest. In the middle of route even Hidlumane falls is there, a place for quick relaxation to the visitors trekking from base of the peak. It is advisable to take some local guide as route runs into forest and chances are that route will be missed. Also, don’t take this route if you are trekking in monsoon as Hidlumane falls over flow making it difficult to cross the roads. It takes hours together for the flow to come down. In the initial part of trek and in the middle there are few steep places. Be careful.

Third route: If you are coming from Shimoga side proceed six kilometers further crossing the Nittur village, you can find mud road towards left from main road or ask for hotel Santosh as private vehicles will go till that hotel. People coming from main road can get down near mud road and walk till hotel Santosh. The trek starts from here and it is almost five kilometers to reach middle of peak where four temples are present.

scenery visible from jeep

Difficulty of trekking is moderate. Peak height is 1343 meters. We felt that people are co-operative and we got a good driver Mr. Ganapathi who drove to the middle of peak. Even he arranges for accommodation on request. Otherwise one can stay at Kollur also where temples provide guest house at nominal rates. Mr. Ganapathi can be contacted on 9481349396

Mr. Ganapthi who drove us to the middle of peak

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