Low cost Air Cooler

Temperature in Hyderabad is so high that having cooler has become mandatory for the people living in this area. Coolers are in demand and at many places no stock is the common answer form the shop owners. The branded company made coolers are costing few thousands and makes it quite difficult for the normal people to opt for. Many local made coolers are available in the market here which is built using the simple technique and also the cost is very low compared to the branded ones.

The cooler which I came across recently is made using the closed metal cabinet which is having a vertical mounted fan on one side and the other sides are covered with the grills having grass like material covering. The cooler has three knobs functioning independent of each other. The knobs can be used to control fan speed, swing and pump, any knob can be turned on at any time without necessity of having the other to work. I mean the pump can be turned on without starting the fan. 

The cooler is having a pump which pumps water on the three sides of the cabinet except the one having the fan. The water will be pumped and made to flow on the sides of cabinet till the water is empty in the container. Water has to be filled opening any one side of the cabinet.

The cooler works efficiently but few modifications have to be made in order to make it more efficient. The water has to be poured into the cooler opening a side grilled door, instead of that an inlet in the top will make the work simple. Also, the three knobs works independently those three has to be dependent so that only when the fan is running, the pump and the swing have to be performed.

We have low cost technologies which can be effectively utilized for producing low cost consumer electronics products instead of hanging for branded ones.


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