In Memory of Dr Baab Mallya

Five years back blogging was not so popular and also only a few Indian bloggers had their own blogs and blog sites. All used to have blogs on different platforms, one popular web platform holding many bloggers and readers from India was Sulekha. Till today it is there with some modification technically but majority of its readers are Indians. Early bloggers on Sulekha were not bothered much on money, page ranks or popularity. Only thing they did is to post quality blogs regularly and had huge readers. The reader community was not just for name sake, it was like communication between reader and writer with feelings. One of the bloggers from Sulekha who had filled the blogosphere with his travelogues, cooking recipes, medical anecdotes and personal blogs was Baab Mallya, a neuro surgeon by education and a writer, poet and an artist by choice. Though many are under the impression that his real name is Baab Mallya, his actual name was K B Mallya aka Kasargod Balakrishna Mallya. It is very saddening that he is no more with us.

Dr Mallya joined Sulekha around 2006 and he continuously contributed the blogs and very soon kept the pages alive, with comments filled with feelings. His journey onto becoming a specialist neuro surgeon spending almost 18 years is really inspiring. In a single word he was ‘Genius’. It is very difficult to list his interests and likings in this page, he did whatever he liked and in whatever he did, he succeeded. He was active in blogging till he moved to a remote village near Mangalore. He was a man who enjoyed his life fully in all the aspects.

He was not only active on sulekha but also on many web pages contributing or commenting (constructive criticism). By reading his blogs and comments, one can easily understand how he used to interact with the readers. Many will miss him and his blogs. Even passing away of Dr Mallya recently was also informed on blogosphere by one of the bloggers from Sulekha itself.

On a personal note, I interacted with Baab many times through email and through his blog columns. Every time he responded generously. I didn't get the chance to meet him personally. Unfortunately, the last comment he posted on sulekha was for one of my queries. Really am unable to believe that Baab is no more. No one can beat his web posts or whatever he has contributed to medicine or blogs.

Baab… Rest in Peace.


  1. Dear Technophilo,

    Its a great tribute to Dr K B Mallya. He was a great human being and as you said 'Genius' He was a very close friend of mine and I was at his bedside during his last minutes of life. He thoroughly enjoyed blogging until to give up and concentrate on his dream house work 'Moksha' Anything that he used to do is with 'passion' which lead him to a village that he loved more than his life and lived there happily during his last 2 years of life. As his death anniversary on 13 Aug, I pray that his soul rest in peace. I miss him very much and every day.


  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    thanks for your kind words. It would have been good if you had provided your name or details. Till today if we search anything related to Mangalore like recipe or beaches his articles will top the list. All miss him very much.


  3. I still remember i cried in class the day after. My teacher came upto me and asked whats wrong and i replied saying my Best Friend is no more...
    She left me alone i wept in front of my whole class
    It been a few years now, but i can never forget him.
    After all, i have Sheeba, his German Shepard and a book a gave me.
    We miss you Doc!