Finally it came!

I had applied for Post – Graduate Engineering Entrance even in Andhra Pradesh. I applied for it long time back but was upset as I didn’t receive hall ticket even after coming back from Vellore. I searched online whether it is available on the PGECET’s website for downloading but nothing was available, not even a single word mentioning hall ticket. For a while I thought it might have got rejected and that’s the reason I didn’t get the hall ticket. Even I searched one or two online forum regarding hall ticket, all had commented that it is not yet received by anyone. The entrance test was on 6th June 2011 but hall ticket was not received even on 31st of May. I tried to call up PGECET helpline numbers which gave prompt response that number is not in use!

I thought my chance to visit Andhra Pradesh missed and felt bad that Rs. 450/- which I had applied as entrance test fees is gone. Was just writing blogs sitting outside home on 31st May. Post man came and called up my name with a Close Up smile which always he gives. He handed over an envelope and went wishing bye. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the hall ticket which I was desperately waiting for. Felt happy and the next move was to reserve tickets to Bangalore. Booked the tickets online and made a plan searching in Google how to reach the exam center and similar stuff after reaching Thirupati. I was happy as this is the second trip to Bangalore within a week!


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