Wordpress hosting on Rackspace Cloud Servers

Wordpress can be hosted on Cloud Server. If you are a newbie and want to host your Wordpress blog on good hosting provider with very less downtime, then this post will be of help. Cloud hosting provides unlimited bandwidth and supports very high traffic at times. But the cost is too high. Alternate will be to rent on cloud OS and host Wordpress on it as similar it as done at local machine. 

I tried to do Wordpress hosting on few shared hosting providers, the feedback and reviews about them was not so satisfactory. Checked with few cloud hosting providers cost was too high. I feel that is quite ok with websites receiving high traffic. But for a newbie website cost was very high more than $150/month. Looking for alternatives I got to know that cloud server can be rented and Wordpress can be hosted on it. I somehow didn’t like to look for other options except Rackspace.

I tried few options but couldn’t know how to host Wordpress, looking for tutorials didn’t help much. Rackspace support responded very well and gave link to deployitron.com, using which Wordpress can be built easily by providing user-name, password of Rackspace and API keys. API keys can be got in the login page of Rackspace in the drop down menu accessible clicking on user-name. Copy them to deployitron.com. Deploy-itron can be used to build Wordpress, Drupal and Magneto on Rackspace cloud servers.

Within few minutes OS will be created, Wordpress will be installed and will be ready to use. Just give basic mandatory details, your Wordpress site will be ready to use. You can use Wordpress as easily as hosted on any other webhost. Only limitation is Wordpress will be created on Red Hat or CentOS Linux flavors using Deploy-itron.


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