Bhuvanagiri (Bhongir) Fort

Bhuvanagiri is also known as Bhongir in local language. May be the impatience or difficulty in pronouncing whole word, Bhuvanagiri has been morphed into Bhongir. Bhuvanagiri is 40 KM from Uppal towards Warangal highway. After crossing Ghatkesar no traffic jam or narrow roads are present, so one can easily reach Bhuvanagiri. Before entering Bhongir itself one can have the view of large monolithic stone on the road side. There is fort on top of the stone maintained by monuments and museums department.
Bhuvanagiri fort on the top of the Monolithic rock

Even though there is no large fort or structure is found on the monolithic stone, only few remains are present and I that we can easily make out the plastering made using cement concrete. Fort will be open from morning 9:00 AM to evening 5:00 Pm but I found that no strict timings will be observed as many will go to see either the sun-rise or sun-set. Bird’s view of Bhongir town can be enjoyed while climbing. I suggest one can visit this fort either in morning or in the evening as the rock will heat up soon and emit heat which makes more tired.
Bhongir rock on which fort is present

on the way up

inside Bhuvanagiri fort 

side view of fort

ground floor

sunset and the city of Bhongir

statue of Sardar Sarvai Papanna 

On a historical note, the fort was once ruled by Sardar Sarvai Papanna before it was conquered by Mughal emperors. Mughal emperors tried to give Islamic style to the architecture. Since no effort has been made to preserve the fort and also its presence on the top of the rock, might have resulted in early degradation of walls and architecture. Don’t forget to wear shoes while climbing as few places are steep and slippery. Also, one can go to the roof of building by the beautiful circular fashioned steps.

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