Bathukamma Festival Celebration, Hyderabad

Dasara is one of the popular celebrations in Andhra Pradesh especially in Telangana region. Bathukamma is celebrated by the women worshipping the nature to bless them with health and wealth. Bathukamma celebrations will start on the initial day of Navarathri and end two days before Dasara.

Bathukamma is made making a stack of flowers. Seven different kinds of flowers will be arranged one above the other in seven steps. Depending on the interest and availability of flowers, size of Bathukamma stack varies. Even few decorate with more flowers and perfumes making it more attractive. Women from all streams of society involve in making Bathukamma irrespective of their creed.
Bathukamma flower stack with Pumpkin flower on top of it

Bathukamma flower stack will be prepared from the afternoon and once it is done, it will be carried to a prominent place in village where all can meet. In cities usually gathering will be in front of house or with neighbors in the nearby vacant place or on roads. The place will be cleaned, rangoli will be put and Bathukamma will be placed on that.
women dancing around Bathukamma

Women will dance around it singing folk songs praying Nature for prosperity, songs are so melodious that even though you won’t understand telugu also you will feel some sort of happiness in that. The simultaneous hand movement of all women is visually appealing to see. Women will be dressed in traditional silk sarees and teen age girls will be in half-sarees. Dandiya will also be played at few places.

Bathukamma set to float

Once the offering of prayers is done, Bathukamma will be set to float in the nearby lake or water sources. Similar to Ganesha festival but here Bathukamma will not be immersed, they will be set to float.


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