Kedareshwara Temple, Belligavi

Belligavi is 25 kms from Shikaripur, Shimoga district. Belligavi is having Kedareshwara temple (spelled as Kedaresvara temple in archaeological survey of India records) built around 12th century. The temple is having the Hoysala style of Architecture and the architecture style is of triple celled or trikutachala.
The name Hoysala came to this dynasty because one of the king had killed the Tiger which was attacking on people. Also, there are contrary to this and historians also believe that the symbol of ‘a man killing tiger’ was being adopted by Hoysals in order to overwhelm the Cholas whose symbol was Tiger.

Recently alteration is made to the temple building wherever required using the same kind of stone used for building the temple. There is a museum having antiques and evidences regarding the temple and is found adjacent to the temple.

 inscriptions found at this place are arranged neatly next to the museum

Basavanna found near temple entrance is having ornamental designs on it

temple roof is having artistic design

Belligavi is having few more temples including the Shivalinga which changes its color depending on the light falls on it. Attempt has been made many times to rob this Shivalinga thinking there may be enormous diamond and gold ornaments inside it making it to change color.


  1. Wonderful pictures and beautiful temple. Loved the lore behind the name - Hoysala.. never knew of it. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Dear Arti,

    thanks for the cheering comment.