The Social Networking Websites

Web 2.0 has changed our attitude towards life. Web 1.0 initially got popularity allowing only for one sided or half duplex mode of communication. It was only possible to read or see the contents uploaded on the server. Even having websites was a difficult task as the web hosting companies were rare and also the importance of web was not known much. Later web world has got transformed slowly into two sided or full duplex mode of communication in which both the readers and website owners can interact. Owning a website to upload personal content and images gained popularity. The two way communication between the readers and writers (website owners and bloggers) was termed as Web 2.0.

Web 2.0 also introduced the concept of social networking sites in which people can socialize or establish connections beyond geographical barriers! Social networking sites brought enormous changes in our lives. We are getting connected to our friends and relatives only through these online paradises. Totally unknown persons started to know about each other leading to friendship. There are many instances that friendships on social networking sites ended up in happy marriages and some times even death making us to think are we addicted to these more than required. At least few may remember of a woman committing suicide sharing the status of taking sleeping tablets. The status update was neglected and taken lightly by her friends but the woman lost the life sharing it on a social networking site! Even when the Carlton towers of Bangalore caught fire, the people inside the building were sharing the status of fire on their profiles.

Socializing on social networks has resulted in youngsters spending much time on these with a curiosity to know about others especially of opposite gender. Hormonal changes in the adolescent create a normal attraction towards opposite gender and social networking sites helping to know the likings of the others. It will be more interesting to know that one of the popular social networking website was developed in knowing the likings and the relationship status of a person whose plan was to ditch her boy friend.

Social Networking sites also help in keeping in touch with friends, classmates and colleagues. Also, create a platform to discuss things freely and get guidance. Last but not the least a new disease ‘Social Networking Disease’ abbreviated as ‘SND’ will be reported from some part of the world soon and it will have the symptoms of ‘over addiction to social networking sites or spending too much time on the social networking sites’.


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