'Google Power Search' by Stephan Spencer; O'Reilly Media

Google Power Search written by Stephan Spencer is a good book on getting what we want using the Google Search Engine refining the search strategies saving our time and energy (utilized going through the irrelevant web pages)

Google has been considered as the alternate name to the search engine. Anyone referring to searching something over the internet, he/she will certainly tell ‘give it on Google’ or ‘find on Google’. Even though there are many search refine strategies are there, we spend much time on browsing through irrelevant documents and words straining ourselves. Instead of that, refining our search strategy we can directly land on to the pages having the information what we want.

The book describes everything in an easy go manner. We can modify our search strategies using simple words along with the word given for querying. One good example is, for getting presentations on artificial intelligence we can give presentations on artificial intelligence filetype:ppts instead of only artificial intelligence which returns tons of pages not having presentations.

Many of the Google tools mentioned in the books are being used widely and a few tools like searching pages of a particular language and setting geographical boundaries using search settings option is new. The Google database saves the information on the pages which were removed. The Google Search Engine also includes the ‘Page Not Found’ in the search results which is not the case with the other search engines. The book also has information on some tools like currency converters, calculators useful in day to day life.

PS: Received the soft copy of the book from O'Reilly for the review purpose


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