Free books for the bloggers to review

Before buying anything all will like to have the review or feed back of product from the users. With the advancement in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) it has even become very easy to get feed back or review of users over the internet. Many dedicated websites are there solely for the purpose of providing users experiences with the products purchased either through online or through stores. Even there are discussion forums where one can discuss regarding which is the best store to order something!

Similarly with the purchasing of books whether it is online or from book shops buyers will like to know the nature of book. But in case the book is a new release to the market, demand will be there for the review of the book. There will be limited group of audience for purchasing technology related books. The book publishers will also like to get the review of the book from readers. An idea is to provide the soft copy or ebook to a writer or blogger freely and get the review of the book.

In a way the book reviewing is beneficial to the blogger also as his blog site address get published in the review sections of popular book stores website address and review websites, indirectly increasing the page views and popularity of the blog site.

Many publishers are coming up with the idea of giving free electronic version of the book or soft copy of the newly published book to the blogger with a demand of submitting the review about the same. There are some of the guidelines to be followed while writing the review but there is no compulsion that the review should be in favor of the book. Depending on the blogger’s reading experience he can write review.

I came across two websites supporting the book review program namely BookSneeze and O’Reilly blogger review program. On BookSneeze we can request for the hard copy of the book also but on O’Reilly one can request for the soft copy. At a time only one book can be requested and further requests will be considered only upon the submission of review of received book.

I feel it is a good program as bloggers will get benefitted by the free e-book and also gets a chance to express his views about the book. Also it doesn’t require spending few dollars (at least) to purchase the book and wait till it gets delivered.


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